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Reviving Your Hair After a Fun-Filled Summer: Expert Tips

As autumn descends upon us and we fondly recall the summer days spent by the shore, at outdoor festivals, or lounging poolside, many of us may be left with an unfortunate memento of those otherwise enjoyable moments: hair damage. While we revel in the wonderful weather and the many joys of the season, the unforgiving elements of summer can take a toll on our locks.

However, fear not, for we have a treasure trove of valuable tips to help you restore your hair's vitality.

To start, consider giving your hair a trim. Exposure to the sun, ocean, and pool can leave your hair dry and prone to split ends. Jessica, our expert stylist, advises, "Removing those split ends is crucial for maintaining healthy hair and preventing further damage."

For those with blonde or lighter brown hair, the dreaded greenish tint can sometimes be an unwelcome surprise. Chlorine in pools and well water, often found in vacation homes, can cause this discoloration. Most salons offer treatments to remedy this issue. One effective method is a "pre-art" treatment, which involves a 10 to 30-minute session under heat with the treatment in your hair. During the shampooing process, your hair will be gently squeezed to reveal the removal of the greenish hue.

Last but certainly not least, remember to condition your hair diligently. Investing in a quality treatment is a wise choice to bring your hair back to life. A weekly treatment like the one we recommend can work wonders. This treatment contains nourishing ingredients that strengthen and protect damaged hair, preventing further damage, especially from UV exposure.

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